Thoughts on TV Shows #1

I’ve been thinking about a good way to start with this little blog of mine, I’ve gone through a lot of different t ideas and I believe this might be a good way to start: by sharing some random thoughts about different TV shows I am currently watching.

First of all let me start with this upcoming week’s episode of The CW Television Network’s Arrow, an episode in which we will see John Constantine working with Team Green Arrow because Sara is basically messed up right now.

I watched the full season of Constantine and it was awesome. Leaving aside the fact that this iteration of John Constantine is pretty much useless when it comes to hand-on-hand combat, the show was really good, but it was in the wrong network. Netflix, AMC or The CW would’ve been great networks to host this show, and if it would’ve been on any of them, it wouldn’t have been cancelled.

Anyways. Matt Ryan is a great John Constantine, and to get to see that Constantine working along with Oliver Queen is going to be awesome. I am worried, though, because we might just end up wanting to watch more Constantine in the future, and The CW might just not be able to bring him back. Hopefully either the episode gives us a good sense of closure for this Constantine, or it gives space for further consideration and get Constantine another home. I’m sure it will all depend on this episode’s ratings.

Now. I just watched the premier episode of Ash vs Evil Dead and it is really good. The premier shows just how over-the-top the show will be, with beheadings happening quite a lot; bloodbath being the main “character” of the show, and even showing how inappropriate Ash is when he sees a nice-looking lady around.

Watching this episode is that I started to wonder “how long until someone starts b*tching about this show?”


I mean, there are people complaining about American Horror Story: Hotel because of how violent it is, and how it shows some “PG-14” friendly sex-scenes. I guess we will just have to wait and see who will be the first to complain.

Talking about American Horror Story: Hotel, did you watch last Wednesday’s episode of the show?

It was awesome. For me, it was the best episode in the season so far. Why would I say that? Well, that is easy to answer: this episode revolves around Evan Peters’ Mr. March instead of Lady Gaga’s The Countess.

Wait, was that clown Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show?


Mmm….I don’t know, but it would be awesome if they are the same, because this would completely link both seasons of the show.

Anyways. Ever since the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel, and I would say even since Lady Gaga was cast for the show, I have been hesitating about the path Ryan Murphy is taking. Gaga seems to be in there just because she is super famous, and willing to do some freaky stuff on-camera. So far, I have hated her acting almost as much as I’ve hated Ariana Grande’s acting in Scream Queens. Gaga has been there just to do sex scenes that end up with her either killing people or turning them into vampires. I mean, come on!

Even Peters’ Mr. March is a piece of art. If you watched American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 4 “Devil’s Night” you already know how amazingly creepy the character is. It is believable, and you can feel how f*cked up he is. Every other famous killer look up to him, and he was the one who taught them how to be better at killing people. Every single episode of this season should be going around him, but no, Ryan Murphy decided he had to add Gaga and make her Peters’ co-star and even downgrading him to be Gaga’s co-star, actually.

If Murphy wanted to have vampires in the show, why didn’t he just wait for another season to make it entirely about them? It just seems like he is trying to outdo himself and failing at it by having two completely different story arcs in the same season of the show. One being Mr. March’s and the other being about The Countess.

I don’t know about you, but I rather see more of Mr. March than those awful pseudo sex-scenes in which Lady Gaga stars. What do you think?


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