Arrow 4×05 “Haunted” Recap/Review – Constantine Makes it Better

I don’t know if you heard that episodes five and six of the current -fourth- season of Arrow have leaked online. If you hadn’t, then you know now. I have just watched the single most important episode of the entire season Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 “Haunted” and it was amazing. Warning: there are spoilers ahead.

I shouldn’t need to remind you already, but seriously, even though I really don’t care about spoilers, I know a lot of people do, so if you are going to wait until this Wednesday to watch this episode of the show, just don’t read any further, or you will not enjoy the episode at all –and you’ll be added to the long list of people who do not like me.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 “Haunted” is the single most important episode of the whole show. From now on, everything will change, and the gates are now open for another show I am dying to watch: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

If you’ve been following Arrow, you already know what happened to Sara Lance aka the original Canary. But if you don’t and for some odd reason you decided to read this article, this is a short story for her: She was murdered by Speedy back when she was still not Speedy, and during a short period of time in which she was under the control of Malcolm Merlyn, her father. Laurel, her sister, couldn’t accept the fact that Sara was dead, so she took the body of her sister to Nanda Parbat, where she was taken to the Lazarus Pit in order for its magical powers to revive her. She revived. But she came back without a soul.

That was the issue. The Lazarus Pit revived her but did not bring her soul back. Luckily for us, Oliver has met some fucked up characters during his survival path, and a rather useful friend to have is the one and only John Constantine.

In this episode we get to see how Oliver and John met, it was during one of the undercover missions he was forced into. Oliver was almost caught by those he was supposed to infiltrate, but when he was going to be turned in, the boss there was hitting a new person who was caught lurking around the area without any authorization, that someone was John Constantine.

They found a map Constantine had with him and showed it to Oliver -from a distance- asking if he understood it. Oliver did and he said so, causing for him to be taken by Constantine (because he escaped, of course) so that he could pose as a guide.

Oliver and Constantine get to a place where there was some sort of subterranean catacomb in which an artifact Constantine was looking for was hidden. They got the trinket and left. That way Oliver and Constantine became acquaintances, because they aren’t really friends.

Now, Sara is back and without a soul, with one single mission: she must kill the one who killed her in the first place, and that means she won’t be in peace until Thea Queen dies by her hand.

By the time Team Green Arrow gets to know that the one killer around town is Sara, Oliver gets to chat with both, Thea and Laurel, as they both lied to him in order to take Sara to Nanda Parbat without his authorization. Of course, there has to be a huge fight between Oliver and Laurel, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough drama in the show.


To make the story short, Sara and Thea are connected, and so it is easier for Sara to track Thea’s position in order to attack her, and after attacking two other girls who looked like Thea -allowing for Felicity and Oliver to figure out why that mysterious killer aka Sara was attacking people- Sara gets to Thea’s apartment and attacks her, to the point in which she almost killed Thea, but luckily Speedy was quick enough as to fool Sara, escaping the attack.

Thea is taken to the hospital, where she is attacked again by Sara, but is defended by Oliver and Laurel, causing Sara to leave the scene.

After this attack, Oliver realizes he needs help, and he decides to call John Constantine.

Team Green Arrow uses Thea as bait in order to trap Sara and knock her out, bringing her to the new lair for an “reverse-exorcism” as I like to call it, given how a line of their conversation had Laurel asking if John Constantine was going to perform an exorcism on her sister, to which he explains that an exorcism is to take a demon out of a human body, and what he is going to do is find Sara’s soul in order to get it into her body.

Here is where things get interesting, as Oliver, Laurel and Constantine are taken to what I’d assume is the spiritual world, where Sara’s souls is trapped and guarded by what seems to be some League of Assassin’s souls. They reach Sara’s souls from the Lazarus Pit (the spiritual world they are taken to resembles Nanda Parbat, possibly because that is where she was brought back to life).

Here is where I see The CW Television Network fixing something NBC did rather awfully: John Constantine fought really well against one of these spirits in a hand-on-hand fight. Back in the NBC show, John was useless when it came to fighting this way, and now, he finally can defend himself.

At the end of it, Sara’s soul is taken back to her body, which is exactly what we were looking for, and now it is time for us to see the birth of the White Canary.


Besides this situation, Felicity finally gets to listen to the message Ray (the Atom) left her before his apparent death: he lets her know that he is still alive, opening yet another gate for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow storyline to begin.

At the end of the episode, we see Oliver and Constantine chatting about Damien Darhk. This is an interesting yet short conversation between both characters, and Constantine ends up giving Oliver the best advice he can: do not mess with Darhk and leave town as soon as you can.

I truly enjoyed this episode, and seeing the return of Sara plus listening to Ray’s message was all we needed in order to start feeling like this new show is already here. There was drama, action, and even comedy in this episode. Constantine brought a whole new air to the show with his uniqueness that even captivated Thea, and changed the way in which everything has been so far, as even Felicity jokes -sort of- about her being happy that this time Oliver didn’t introduce “another gorgeous woman” from his past.

For obvious reasons I won’t like you to a place to watch the episode, but know it is out there, somewhere, just waiting for you to watch it.

Let me know what you think about the episode, and if you would like for John Constantine to take on a more important role either on Arrow, or an idea that hit me while writing this: being part of the team from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


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