What is GeekConfess

GeekConfess is the shortened iteration of Geek Confessions. You see, I am a geek. I enjoy video games a lot, I love superhero stuff from all over the place, although, I prefer DC Comics. Sorry Marvel fans. I watch a lot of TV Shows, and you might just see me talking about a little bit of everything.

What to expect over here?

You can expect to see me talking about personal stuff, video games, and TV shows, maybe some films, but I can’t promise anything though!

What do I want to get out of this site?

Really, just a place to freely talk about anything I want to. I am not a sociable person outside of the internet. I am a 23 years old dude that has social anxiety, not to the point of being unable to communicate, but I have a really hard time just…well…..socializing. My life consists of simply my jobs (Systems’ Analyst and IT stuff, mostly), college, and gaming (single player games, though). At college, I am the one guy who sits in the first desk, and talks to nobody else. I answer questions, and I simply don’t care when people just believe I’m a “know-it-all” because I’m not in college to socialize but to learn.

All in all, I hope to meet some people with some great ideas around, I want to see different points of view, and sometimes, I might just ask questions to see if I get any responses.



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