Early thoughts on The CW’s Containment

Last week saw the premiere of a brand new The CW TV show titled Containment, a show that basically takes us to the outbreak of a lethal pandemic that doesn’t turn people into zombies, but it simply kills them with a … Continue reading Early thoughts on The CW’s Containment


The Conjuring 2 Promo & Photos

Hello everyone! As you may know, this place is like a backup place for myself to write from time to time, and right now, given how I’m working on Gamers Sphere’s website and therefore am not able to publish content there, I though it would be a good thing to get some coverage over here (which will be also published there once the maintenance is done).

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Arrow 4×05 “Haunted” Recap/Review – Constantine Makes it Better

I don’t know if you heard that episodes five and six of the current -fourth- season of Arrow have leaked online. If you hadn’t, then you know now. I have just watched the single most important episode of the entire season Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 “Haunted” and it was amazing. Warning: there are spoilers ahead.

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Thoughts on TV Shows #1

I’ve been thinking about a good way to start with this little blog of mine, I’ve gone through a lot of different t ideas and I believe this might be a good way to start: by sharing some random thoughts about different TV shows I am currently watching.

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